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by Fran Bernard, on Sep 13, 2023 7:59:29 PM

Candy Bass is a truck driver with five decades of experience behind the wheel. Bass has 6 million accident-free miles and earned the WIT Driver of the Year award in 2023. 

There are so many obstacles out on the road that drivers encounter everyday: weather, road conditions, and other drivers’ actions are just a few the drivers must attend with. The more you drive, the higher the odds are that you’ll eventually hit something or something will hit you. For the drivers in the Trucker’s Million Mile Club, they obviously know how to stay safe and not let this happen.

A trucking company recently recognized a driver for hitting an unbelievable safety milestone. One of their drivers reached an astonishing 10 million safe miles.

The driver, appropriately named Larry Miles, has “been around the world over 400 times in a truck, without a single incident or accident,” according to the company. Either way, Miles must be doing something right to have hit even half of 10 million miles safely. People are doing the math after trucker is recognized for 10 MILLION safe miles (

Truck driver Barry Queebodeaux                                                                                                                     

Truck driver Barry Queebodeaux was celebrated by his trucking company with a banquet after he is said to have driven 9 million safe miles during his career.

It can take a single driver around eight-nine years to log a million miles. Whenever a driver logs safe miles, they should be extremely proud of themselves.

When asked how he achieved the 9-million-mile safety milestone, Barry said, “I just pay attention to all my surroundings, I am always observing everything around me. I have to make sure to watch out for other people because you never know what they are thinking.”

Barry said that while he does miss his family while he’s out on the road, he plans to log some more safe miles behind the wheel. “When I am home, we really enjoy that time together because we don’t get that very often! A lot of people ask me ‘Barry, when are you going to finally retire?’ I tell them heck! Why retire? I’m having too much fun!” Truck Driver Honored for Driving An Unbelievable Number Of Safe Miles ( 

There are safe drivers and then there are safe drivers. Ralph Lendi is clearly one of the safest. The tractor trailer driver has logged more than 7 million miles behind the wheel and has never been in an accident or received a ticket. Not once.

Seven million miles is obviously a big number, but the statistic is even more mind-boggling when put into context.

A trip to the moon, for example, would take about 
239,000 miles. If Ralph were an astronaut, he would have traveled between the Earth and moon more than 29 times. That’s a lot of traveling.

A few more numbers to consider, if Ralph has worked around 40-plus years. Of course, he didn't work every day of every year, but for the sake of simplicity in mathematics, let's pretend he did. If that were the case, Ralph would have averaged more than 479 miles per day without any problems.

When asked his secret for safe driving, Ralph said, “If I had to give one piece of advice to anybody, space. Leave yourself room around everybody else."

He also stressed the importance of candy. Ralph keeps plenty on hand to give out to anybody who wants it. UPS driver logs more than 7 million miles without an accident ( 


The Women in Trucking Association (WIT), recently recognized Candy Bass, a truck driver, with five decades of experience behind the wheel. Candy has 6 million accident-free miles according to WIT and earned the WIT Driver of the Year award in 2023. 

Bass is a member of WIT and OOIDA and earned the TA Petro Citizen Driver award in 2016. Bass is also involved in charity work with organizations including the St. Christopher Foundation, Hats for Heroes, Special Olympics, Trucker Buddy, and Charities for troops. 

“Candy Bass has given extensively to the trucking profession, not only during her time on the road and commitment to safe driving, but through mentorship and her desire to be a guiding star for women at all stages of their careers,” said Jennifer Hedrick, president and CEO, WIT. Fifty-year veteran driver with 6 million safe miles earns WIT Driver of the Year award (

Tim Dean, a truck driver in Omaha, Nebraska, celebrated a huge milestone as well. He achieved 5 million accident-free miles. This was something he never imagined.

I never would have thought I was going to get 5 million, “Dean said. I credit the support from my family, co-workers, and the company’s dedication to safe driving. 

“It’s worth celebrating. It is quite an accomplishment,” Dean said. He feels extremely fortunate to have a supporting company that stresses safety as its driving force. 

Those that know him best are not surprised, including Werner president and CEO Derek Leathers. 

“The safe miles are really just a reflection of who he is. He takes his job very seriously,” Leathers described.

Surrounded by his family and coworkers celebrating him, Dean shared a message about safety being the driving force. “When you release that brake, the only important thing is driving the truck safely,” Dean said.

His commitment to safety and mentorship to other drivers has been invaluable.

“I’m probably prouder of his commitment to mentoring and coaching other drivers,” Leathers added. “He spends time every time I see him talking to other drivers, coaching them on how to be safe.” 3 Million Safe Miles (

U.S. Xpress honors 149 professional drivers for 218 million safe miles.

Many corporations have celebrations and ceremonies honoring their drivers for their accomplishments.

The Million Miler celebration is a two-day event hosted for drivers and their guests, which has been a company tradition since 1995. In addition to the awards ceremony, drivers are celebrated by office employees in an Honored Driver Walk of Fame and breakfast at company headquarters followed by an afternoon of activities and socializing in downtown Chattanooga with office staff and company leadership. Each driver also received a personalized award and company merchandise, including Million Miler jackets. U.S. Xpress honors 149 professional drivers for 218 million safe miles - U.S. Xpress Inc. ( 

Tim Burnett, a truck driver in Marcy, New York, didn’t think much of it when his supervisor sent him out on an errand. But when he returned, he was welcomed by a banner along with family and friends cheering. That’s when Tim found out he’d officially made it to 3 million accident-free miles! 

During close to 30 years of driving, he’s gained impressive experience driving a variety of equipment and he takes pride in his safety and expertise.

“I was involved in the operation of tandem 48-foot double trailers which really taught me the importance of having a solid routine, taking my time and getting a good visual when hooking up and breaking apart doubles!”

He estimates that out of 3 million safe miles, nearly 1.8 million were driving with a second trailer tagging along on the NYS Thruway between Utica, New York, and the Buffalo region of New York. Tim also guesses that there were over a thousand “hooks” and “breaks” of double trailers each year.

“My first safety man in Pennsylvania said you drive the way you feel. You feel good; you drive good.”

He appreciates the advances in technology that has been made as well, the collision mitigation systems and the blind spot technology. “You incorporate that and a strong support system, and you’ve got some pretty good fundamentals to having a safe driving career.”

“I’m forever grateful for those that opened the door for me and believed in me and gave me the opportunity to drive. I don’t know if a thank you really does it justice.” 3 Million Safe Miles (

Truck driver Allen Parker was the 2021 recipient of the CVSA’s International Driver Excellence Award. In his 34 years as a professional driver, Allen has driven more than four million miles without an accident.  

Allen took the opportunity to offer words of safety advice to other truck drivers:

 “To achieve the miles I have driven is great, but they come one mile at a time. Focusing too far ahead or behind removes my focus from where I am now. Treat the motoring public around you as if it is your family in those cars and trucks. Try to anticipate the movements of others. And use common sense,” Allen said. Truck driver with 4 million safe miles in 34 years offers advice to fellow truckers ( 

J.B. Hunt Dedicated driver Edwina and her family participate in the Million Mile Walk of Fame at corporate headquarters in Lowell. She is the first female driver to achieve three million safe miles in company history.

Dedicated driver Edwina and her family participated in the Million Mile Walk of Fame at corporate headquarters. The company drivers were awarded more than $900,000 in safe driver bonuses.

“This celebration is one of our favorite events of the year,” said Nick Hobbs, chief operating officer and president of contract services. “It takes a great amount of patience and dedication to drive two million-plus safe miles, and we’re honored to recognize the men and women who go above and beyond each day.

During the celebration, corporate employees lined four flights of stairs to congratulate drivers with cheers, applause, and high fives. In addition to the Walk of Fame, drivers were treated to an honorary lunch, an awards ceremony, and a visit with company leadership. Drivers will also receive recognition on the Million Mile Wall. J.B. Hunt Honors and Awards 69 Drivers for Safely Driving 2M-Plus Miles | Business Wire

Cindy Williams was born and raised in a small farming community with a proud rural heritage in Lapeer County, Michigan. She is certainly no stranger to trucks. In 1975, she began fueling trucks and changing tires until she gained enough seniority to begin shuttling trucks from one location to another. Cindy began her career as an over the road truck driver in 1979. 

Cindy has a million safe miles under her, and she continues to drive safely. In 2017, while attending the Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show, Cindy, was chosen as the recipient of the Women in Trucking Award (WIT). She says she was thrilled and so excited to be the winner of the WIT award. Along with the award, the friendships made there, and the atmosphere of the show, are just some of the things that keep bringing her back year after year.  

When asked what changes Cindy has seen or experienced from a women's point of view in the trucking industry, she simply replied, "I never drove from a woman's point of view." 

This year, she has been named the Grand Marshal for the 27th Annual Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show.

Being part of the safe million-mile club is something to be very proud of, and to be a part of this exclusive club, being safety conscious is vital. Being a professional truck driver requires a lot of skill and a great deal of responsibility for the safety of others and yourself. Being safe, conscientious, and calm will keep you alive when you’re faced with those tense moments which arise when behind the wheel!

Always remember to:

  1. Check your blind spots.
  2. Be aware of long stopping distances.
  3. Make wide turns carefully.
  4. Always buckle up.
  5. Drive at a safe speed
  6. Stay focused and avoid distracted driving.
  7. Always use your signals
  8. Maintain your vehicle.
  9.  Plan your trip in advance.
  10. Practice work advance zone safety.

Tips for Truck and Bus Drivers | FMCSA ( 

Keep on truckin’ safely, and if you are not yet, one day you might be part of the exclusive Trucker’s Million Mile Club too!

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