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by Norman Winegar, on Sep 21, 2020 4:03:56 PM


Concerned about your level of stress? Feeling a little burned out, maybe even depressed? At Women In Trucking, we believe that taking care of our emotional health is important. We want to provide you with resources to take care of your physically and emotionally. Especially during these stressful times.   

We are happy to let you know that Women In Trucking is adding a new service to help support our members. The new, free service is called the Interactive Screening Program (ISP). It’s an anonymous and confidential service provided by Espyr.

Interactive Screening Program (ISP)

The purpose of this service is to provide our members with an opportunity to take a quick screening to learn about their personal level of stress and then to get personalized feedback from a counselor about their score. The screening is free, confidential, and anonymous.

To get confidential feedback and support from a counselor, we invite you to take a few minutes to visit Interactive Screening Program from WIT and complete the brief online Self-Check Questionnaire. Once completed, a counselor will review your Questionnaire and provide you with a personalized response. The response will include information, recommendations, and options for next steps for connecting to support and resources if needed. You then can decide what if anything to do next with the professional’s feedback. Remember, the screening service is free, confidential, and professional. And, its anonymous.  You will not have to share who you are unless you want to.

Keep in mind that through the generosity of Total Transport of Mississippi, we are also able to provide our members with two other important services to support your physical and emotional health and wellbeing:

Fit To Pass

Fit To Pass, a free, confidential health and fitness coaching program to help professional drivers improve their health and meet the physical requirements of the DOT medical recertification examination.  To access this service please call: 877-309-0544.


TalkNow, a free, confidential CDL Driver Support line that offers quick access to qualified counselors to help with most any personal issue. To access this service please call: 877-309-0544.

 If you have any questions about this screening service, please contact our TalkNow counselors at 877-309-0544.

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