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Shining A Light on Successful Women

Promoting Transportation

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FAQ About the Women In Trucking Association

TruckTractorTrailer.com Levels Field for Women

Staying Safe on the Road

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Q&A With 2021 Top Woman to Watch Carmen Anderson

Top Woman To Watch Spotlight: Exclusive Q&A With DDC’s Donna Kintop

Truck Parking Legislation

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Have We Increased the Presence of Women in Trucking?

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Why Trimac? Q&A

The Truth About Retreads: Debunking Common Retread Tire Myths

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CDC's COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit for Your Essential Workers

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Why We Are Not a Lobbying Organization

HERstory: First Female Truck Driver

Social Isolation and Loneliness is a Business Issue

Membership Has Its Privileges

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Why They're Choosing a Future in Trucking

Leading a Helpful Dialogue in 2021 about the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Your Drivers and Employees

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Hungry for Normality?

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Selling in the New Normal

What Privilege Looks Like

2020 Accelerate! Virtual Conference Highlights

Leadership in a Pandemic

Nominate: Female Veteran to Join WIT Driver Ambassador on Wreaths Across America Trek

Women In Trucking Names Clean Harbors ‘Top Company for Women to Work’

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Making Life Sound Better for the Trucking Industry

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Meet the Influential Woman in Trucking Finalists: Michal Yariv

Meet the Influential Woman in Trucking Finalists: Jodie Teuton

Are You Living to Work, or Working to Live?

Meet the Influential Woman in Trucking Finalists: Vana Matte

For Sale By Owner

Meet the Influential Woman in Trucking Finalists: Katrina Liddell

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Why They're Pursuing a Career in Transportation

Meet the Influential Woman in Trucking Finalists: Kristy Knichel

Get Your Yoga On: Mindful Movement to Reduce Stress for Professional Drivers

Meet the Influential Woman in Trucking Finalists: Crystal Anderson

New Well-Being Screening

What I learned From my “Wearable”

Driver Ambassador: August Post-Trip Inspection

Put Your Wellbeing Mask on First Before Helping Others

A Conversation with U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao

One Woman’s Windshield

Discrimination, Elections and One Mother’s Letter

Considering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)? Here’s What You Need To Know

5 Habits of Highly Effective Female Business Owners

Hidden Opportunities For Fast & Long-lasting Change

Does This Truck Make Me Look Fat?

Overcoming Pandemic Obstacles: How To Get Back In The Green (And Stay There)

Driver Ambassador: July Post-Trip Inspection

Over 75% of Freight Market Reprioritizes Budgets Due to Pandemic

Real-Life Strategies for Safety

Driver Ambassador: June Post-Trip Inspection

Manage Your Business or It Will Manage You

Supporting Drivers During Tough Times

Engaging Men in Gender Diversity

3 Traits to Help Women Succeed in a Male-Dominated Workplace

Mental Health Awareness Month

Driver Ambassador: May Post-Trip Inspection

All in the Family: The Inside Scoop on Running a Family Business

10 Years on Facebook!

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes!

Driver Ambassador: March Post-Trip Inspection


COVID-19 Information for Drivers

FMCSA Issues HOS Relief for Coronavirus Assistance

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Why Every Manager Should Be a Coach, Not a Boss

We're Listening to Our Members

Buyer Beware With CBD Oils, DOT Says

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Staying Safe on the Road

Why Women-Owned Transportation Businesses Thrive

Five Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle on the Road

Secrets for a Successful Driving Career

5 Tips for Marketing to Women

2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Eight Wishes for 2019 from Women In Trucking Association

How to Write Impactful Job Descriptions

HR: 2020 Limits | 401-k, HSA's, HDHP's, FSA's

J.B. Hunt Hosts Trucks Are For Girls Event

What Does Empowering Women Mean to You?


Did You Ride the Mechanical Bull?

Human Resources and Talent Management- Mental Health and Wellbeing Perspectives

Is It Time to Self-Insure Your Health Plan?

What is Your Intent?

Looking for a Good Truck Driving School?

Health and Benefits Options For Members: What This Means for Member Companies

You Missed It!

WIT Honors Driver at the Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show

Avoiding Turnover in High-Performing Salespeople

Six Components of Self-Management

My Year as the Influential Woman in Trucking

National Transportation Institute Day of Service Inspires Girl Scouts to Learn About Trucking

Who’s in Your Tribe?

VOTE NOW: "Top Companies for Women to Work For in Transportation"

Combating Negative Stereotypes

Women In Trucking Association, A voice for gender diversity

6 Personality Traits That Make an Impact on Top Performing Teams

What Would Wonder Woman Do?

Call for Nominations: 2019 Top Companies for Women to Work For

July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Our Roads Our Safety

The Wrong Employee… or the Wrong Role?

How Important is Experience When Searching for Jobs in Trucking and Logistics?

Trucking Isn't So Different!

Why Women are the (Right) Answer to the Trucking Industry’s Driver Shortage

Penske Trucks Are for Girls Event

How to Manage a Family/Work Life Balance

How Can You Be More Involved in Women In Trucking?

Thanking People for Doing Their Job

Ask the Influential Woman in Trucking - Driver to Freight Broker

The Secret Weapon of Today’s Successful Salespeople: Curiosity

Third-Generation Lady Trucker Finds Dream Job in Long Haul

Ask the Influential Woman in Trucking - How to Get Started in Trucking

A Little History

Promoting Employee Happiness

The Value of Self-Awareness at Work

Who's Looking Out for You?

When Personality Assessment Results Disappoint

Helpful Tips to Improve Fleet Operations


Women In Trucking’s SiriusXM show on Road Dog Channel 146

Trucks ARE for girls!

Should we promote same-gender training policies?

4 Critical Elements of Succession Planning

#SteeringTowardKindness Campaign

You can help drive change through your association

It Really Ain’t Smokey and the Bandit

Women In Trucking advances its mission with a Girl Scout Transportation Patch

The Pros and Cons of Pets on the Road

Sharing the Road with Semi-Trucks

Gender Decoder

How (NOT) to Hire Women

Opportunities in Trucking

A Female Driver’s Experience

African-American Women Consider Trucking

The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

Ten Tips to Attract and Retain Women as Professional Drivers

Lifestyle Changes

Five-Point Checklist for Aspiring Expediters

What is the Value of Women In Trucking Association?

New Year’s Resolutions


New Zealand Trucking Industry Shares Global Challenges in Recruiting Drivers

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The Women In Trucking Association is a non-profit organization with the mission to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments, and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the industry.

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